Sam Hepburn


Sam Hepburn is the creator of comic strips Questionable Quotebook, syndicated by US comics giant Universal Uclick, and Welcome to Agency X, which ran in the comics pages of The Star newspaper for a year and is now slated to have its first collection made into a book.

Her comics offer a satirical look at the world we live in, especially the creative person’s place in that world. Having been a copywriter for over seven years, during which she gradually changed careers to become a cartoonist, Hepburn is more than familiar with the challenges creative people face, both from the outside world and from within. Her experience in advertising informs much of her work, with ambition, workaholism, self-doubt and self-discovery being just some of her favourite themes.

Deftly weaving between lighthearted jokes and sharp social commentary, Hepburn’s work has been well-received not just by the advertising community, but by fellow artists, young people and intellectuals.

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