Hassan Muthalib

Artist, Designer & Filmmaker

Hassan Muthalib is a self-taught artist, designer, photographer, animator, writer & director, with a career spanning 50 years. He has been involved in animated commercials, short animation films, documentary films & directed Malaysia’s first animated feature film. He became well-known for the Sang Kancil animation shorts in the 1980s.

He has been a part-time lecturer at some leading institutions in Malaysia & conducted workshops overseas in Singapore, Sudan, India, Norway, Brunei & Indonesia. He has curated animation programmes for Germany, Hungary, Singapore & Malaysia.

His writings have been published locally & internationally, some of which can be accessed at academia.edu. He is acknowledged as a Film Historian, the Father of Malaysian Animation & an Asian Animation Pioneer & is a resource person for local & international scholars. His book, Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle, an analytical history of Malaysian cinema, was published in 2013 with the history of Malaysian animation published in 2016.

Hassan will be judging Best Animation under CRAFT.

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