Alvin Teoh

Executive Creative Director
Naga DDB

Alvin Teoh has been in the ad industry for 21 years. Starting out as a Junior Art Director at NagaDDB, he somehow survived bad briefs and cold pizzas and became the ECD. After having worked in a huge variety of Brands, from tourism to automobiles, from paint to telcos, he’s come to believe in the human approach to Brand building and that Brands have a role to play in society because what they do should matter to people. After all, doing good is good for business.

He currently leads a department of over 50 people and constantly tries to get them to be story-tellers because while things are changing so fast in the digital world, people still hunger for a good story. This is why he describes his job as a story-peddler. And through it, a Brand story becomes a part of popular culture.

When he is not working, he is a husband of one and a father of 3. He’s got a house full of animals and spends his free time (or what little of it) working with youths, refugees and the homeless. All of which are great because that’s where the stories come from.

My Sessions

“Advertising: Serving Ads or Serving the People?” by Alvin Teoh

We have an abundance of creativity and technology, but how do we use all these tools to make a real life impact? What is the responsibility for creatives beyond just serving brands and selling products?
Alvin Teoh has spearheaded some of the most engaging and meaningful conversations via creative campaigns. Must all work be based only on a brief or should creatives serve a bigger social agenda? Alvin shares his vision of how creatives can do meaningful work that serve brands and society in a holistic way, and why this ought to be the rule rather than the exception.