Your burning questions answered

Considering we just launched this show, this isn’t, technically, a list of Frequently Asked Questions. However, calling this page Questions You May Have or QYMH will probably confuse the hell out of everybody, including our programmers.

Please go through the list. If you have a question which we didn’t include, you can contact us here.




RM100 per submission is pretty steep. What else do I get for my buck?

Plenty! You get the best judges in town checking out your work. Think of the exposure (and selfie opportunities) if your idea wins. Not only that – you also get free entry to the sCoolers awards presentation night. This includes talks by industry leaders, portfolio review, tour of finalists, food and drinks, plus a trophy and cert if you win. How we’re actually making money from all this is anybody’s guess.


Is this open for both solo and group participation? 

Both are accepted. Although, in our opinion, Han Solo’s skills are more suited to smuggling and flying spaceships.


Is there a maximum number of people per group?

No, you can have as many names as you want in the credits. No max. (Meaning, anybody can enter except people named Max).


Really? I’m Max and I can’t enter The sCooler Awards?

We’re joking!


Can I submit ads in other languages besides English and Bahasa?

Definitely. But we’ll need translation sheets for the work.


What’s the difference between best design and best art direction?

Design is about the details. Art Direction, the big picture. It’s a thin line, yes.


Can I get back my original drawing after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, but it might take a while. Please mention in the Notes section of the entry form that you want the work back. You will have to collect it yourself though. We are not responsible for any damage sustained to your works.


What size should my submissions be?

Any size that’s big enough to make the competition look insignificant. Just don’t make it too big that you can’t carry it to our office.


Why do I need a physical mock up, submission board, and a digital copy of the work?

The physical mock up is so that our judges can touch and feel your idea. The submission board explains your thinking behind the work. And finally, we need the soft copy so that we can put your idea onscreen (during the awards presentation ceremony) if it wins.


Can I submit my radio ad into the best copy only ad?

No. The category is only open to printed materials.


For radio ads, do I have to record the work or can I submit a typed manuscript?

Both are acceptable.


I’m a foreign student studying in Malaysia. Do I qualify?

Yes, as long as you are a registered student for the year of the award for which you are submitting.


I’m considered old-ish for a student. Is my work still eligible?

Yes. As long as you’re a student registered with a school, college or university.


We didn’t get client approval for the work. Is it still eligible?

Um, what is ‘client approval’? (But yes, it is eligible).


Am I supposed to pay for this, or is my school paying?

It depends on your relationship with the school. Do you hand in your assignments on time? Were you nice to your lecturers? Does he/she know your name?


My college doesn’t want to pay for my entry. Can I submit it on my own?

Yes, but points will still be awarded to your school for Best School of the Year category. In which case your school will actually be the one owing you, for a change.


How do I get my school to pay for entries?

Schools usually pay for entries. It’s good branding. You win metals, schools win prestige and recognition. This makes them more attractive to future students. Everybody wins.


Can I submit the same work to more than one category?

Of course, but you’ll still have to pay for the number of entries that you’re submitting; i.e. if you’re submitting the same work to 3 categories, you’ll have to pay RM100 x 3.


If my work doesn’t win this year, can I re-submit next year?

There’s a reason why it didn’t win this year. But yes, make it better and enter it again next year, provided you are still a registered student, and the work falls within the eligibility requirements.


Can I submit work that has won awards elsewhere into the sCoolers?

Yes. As long as the work meets the eligibility criteria. You can submit stuff that won serious metal in other shows, and even the work that didn’t win. We don’t mind.


Our work was done by two colleges – ours, and competing school. Can we enter it into the show?

Certainly. And don’t forget to credit the necessary people/schools. If the work wins however, points for Advertising School of the Year will only go to the college that submits the work.


I left school and am already working. Can I still submit work which I did when I was a student?

Yes, as long as you were a student, or doing your practicals (as an intern) when the work was developed. Also, the work needs to be created between 1 Jan 2015 – 31 Dec 2016.


I’m working in an ad agency. Can I submit the work I did in college?



I’m interning at an ad agency. Is my work still eligible?

Yes, provided it’s (mostly) your work.


Yeah, uh, some of the agency seniors kinda helped out on my work.

No worries. Be sure to enter their names in the credits too.


So if agency seniors helped, does it mean I’ll get penalised?

No, provided it is primarily your work, and your seniors are properly credited so we can verify the originality of your work.


Can I submit B/W photographs for the Photography category?

Yes. But it will all be judged together. Our judges will be looking for composition, colour and design sense, and whether it captures the appropriate emotions.


Can I submit campaigns?

Not at this moment. We may consider it for future shows.


I noticed the sCoolers is sometimes spelled with a small s. Shouldn’t you guys like proofread your work before it goes out?

Please enter your copy-only ads here. And make sure our judges don’t find any grammar mistakes, Mr Eagle Eye.


I have a better logo idea for the sCoolers awards.

Great! Please submit it.


Is this a serious awards show?

Is the Pope catholic?


Can I suggest ideas for next year’s sCooler Awards?

All suggestions welcome. You can email us at Invoices for ideas proposed will most likely be ignored.