Instagram photo can? Can.

We’re looking for interesting cool sexy crazy stuff. This is your chance to shine. Especially since you’re both the creator and client. You can enter any work for any brand – and no, you needn’t ask the real client for approval. If you prefer working on a brief given by your lecturer, or something that you came up with – no problem! Check out the judging criteria here.

The show is divided into 3 main categories – Idea, Craft and Special categories. Which are further divided into subcategories. You can enter the same work into multiple categories.



A01. Best Print Anything that runs in newspapers, magazines, and journals. It can also be a cover sticker, wraparound band, or humble insert. Just make sure the idea is rocking!

A02. Best Outdoor Billboards, posters and ambient ideas. Actually, those are just the ‘traditional’ mediums. Surprise us with something that runs in an out-of-home environment. Balloon missiles chasing a car? Remote-controlled robot mice? Take it to the next level.

A03. Best Film Stuff that runs on the web, TV, and cinema. Does it have to be a one-way medium? Can audiences interact with your film? We’re not saying this is a sure-win formula, but if everybody else is doing the same thing, how do you stand out?

A04. Best Digital What you put on existing digital screens- desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart watches and smart TVs. The work can exist in any form – emails, website, apps, games and more. Tell us what it is, tell us how it works.

A05. Best Publication Can you make physical books, magazine, journals and all kinds of bound materials stand out from the crowd? Show us. Please include a mock-up- don’t submit just the photograph!

A06. Best Packaging Packaging is not just about protecting and displaying the product. It’s about the unboxing experience. How do you turn your packaging into a communication piece, one that enhances the brand experience? Best if you can include a mock up with your submission board.

A07. Best Corporate Identity Show us your best-est logo (for any brand) and how you apply it across various touchpoints. Make it come alive in all kinds of crazy cool sexy ways.

A08. Best Self-promotion How would you promote yourself to the judges? Your work can be in any medium. Be sure to leave a contact number or email so that you’re findable.



B01. Best copy (BM) and B02. Best copy (English) For both categories, we’re looking for copy that jumps off the page. How do you take copywriting to the next level? How are you reinventing copy? Can you say the same old same old in a way that has never been said before? No stress!

B03. Best design Design is how things work. Ideas can be in the form of Interactive design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and more. If in doubt, refer to Dieter Rams 10 principles of good design.

B04. Best art direction Art direction is how colours, shapes, forms, composition, and more enhance a brand’s message. Your visual style should necessarily be consistent across various touchpoints. For this category, show us how you do it in at least 3 different mediums.

B05. Best typography* Typography is an art. Good typography is Art. Show us the difference. How do you turn human language into a beautiful, meaningful and enduring art form? Show us something new, fresh, and above all, brave.

B06. Best illustration (Digital)* Are you a whiz at digital art? Got a technique so secret even your other hand doesn’t know about it? Show us how you take digital illustration to the next level.

B07. Best illustration (Hand drawn)* Always loved drawing/ doodling? Now’s your chance to shine. Send in your original artwork, and show us how it’s done.

B08. Best photography* Capture an image, freeze the moment and show us how rich and beautiful reality is. We’re looking for photographs that bring out the extraordinary in the ordinary. It’s not about the things you see but the way you see them.

B09. Best animation* How do you use graphics, illustrations, and all kinds of snazzy visual effects to produce a stunning piece of work? Show us.

*Work for these categories doesn’t have to be tied to a brand.



C01. Best copy only ad Good writers are about as rare as a flying unicorn. If you can string a decent sentence together, and make it sparkle, you’ve got it made. Show us a copy-led ad where the visual (if any) plays a secondary role.

C02. Best use of cute furry animals Cute furry animals rule the internet. Show us an ad where the main star is a cute furry animal.

C03. Best use of celebrities Make use of any celebrity – not necessarily Malaysian ones or only ones that are alive. Show us how celebs can take your ad to the next level.

C04. Best ad that looks like another ad. Somebody once said, “Nothing is original.” Well, that’s partly true. Show us how, with a few tweaks, other people’s ads can become yours. Of course, don’t submit other people’s ads without changing anything. That’s like plagiarism**.

C05. Best work inspired by current events Got an idea featuring Chickaboo the running ostrich? Our mighty morphin’ power Paralympians? Donald Trump? Miss Peregrine and her home for peculiar children? Your ‘current event’ must be something that transpired in 2015/2016.

C06. Best work most likely to get this show banned Something political? Something scandalous? Something that would cause your mother/ pastor/ priest/ imam/ loyal pet to wonder why you were even born? You rebel, you.

C07. Best character most likely to be turned into a meme* Memes schmemes. We love them and can’t get enough. Show us a meme-worthy picture with at least 5 different lines. May the best meme win.

*Work for this category doesn’t have to be tied to a brand.

**Include the original ad, and your ad in the submission board. There’s an off chance our judges may not recognise the work you’re ripping off.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers.


Event night

Special prizes presented during our awards night. You needn’t submit anything for these categories.

Best Group Theme Outfit (Awarded to Schools) Select a theme and get every member to play their part. Make it crazy cool sexy.

Student of the Year Awarded to the student whose name appears most often in our winner’s list.

Lecturer of the Year Awarded to the lecturer whose name appears most often in our winner’s list.

Advertising School of the Year Awarded to the school, college or university whose name appears… well, you know the drill.

Idea of the Year The most outstanding student work of the year. The best of the best as decided by our judges.