Advertising. The most fun you can have with your clothes on.

You may or may not have heard that line before. It was quoted by the great Jerry Della Femina. Jerry who? Good thing there’s Wikipedia.

The madman’s sentiment is truer now than ever before. Malaysian advertising is at a turning point. Agency peeps are joining the client’s side. Many more are leaving the industry altogether. And everybody thinks advertising is a bad word!

So where does that leave us? Look again, there’s a huge opportunity ahead. It’s there for the brave, the foolish, the crazy ones, the few who remain.

It’s there for those who truly believe in the power of creativity to effect change. Change that transforms mindsets, influences behaviour, affects pop culture, and maybe even move products by the half dozen.

The sCooler Awards (established 2016) seeks to prepare the next generation for this brave new world. If you are a student studying in Malaysia, this is your stage. Your audience, comprising some of the best minds in marketing and advertising, is waiting.

The steps to the top won’t be easy. But rest assured, the journey — and the rewards — will be worth it.

The sCooler Awards is open to all students (Malaysian or otherwise) studying in local institutions of higher learning.

You may submit any work produced between 1 Jan 2015 to 30 Dec 2016.

Submit your entry by 30 December 2016.

Check out our categories and submission details.



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We specialise in media and technology. We have a diverse portfolio of projects, each with specific aims and objectives, including Popfolio Network, which consists of 8 content platforms ranging from fashion and beauty to education; The Greatest Hits, a creative and media agency, #BetterCities, which focuses on community-based projects to improve urban living; PopLab, a unit focused on experimental ideas and content; PopStudio, a film and audio production studio; The Cooler Lumpur Festival, Southeast Asia’s first and annual festival of ideas.

PopDigital conceptualises and produces original creative content in all forms imaginable and unimaginable, in the digital space and beyond. Together, we provide a full media and marketing service from conceptualising creative ideas and campaigns to 360° execution. We are a small, but dynamic team who believes in the freedom of expression and good content.




Edward Ong

Creative Chairman, The sCooler Awards

Ed was born in the last millennium. Back when Pluto was still a planet, vampires were the bad guys, comic books (single issue, newsstand edition) cost RM1.80, and people wrote and read long copy ads.

Over the years, he’s done campaigns for Sony, Tiger Beer, Caltex, Singapore Navy, SMU (Singapore Management University), Soroptimists and Penguin Books. In addition, he’s also helped develop and build brands within The Star media group. 

When digital took over the landscape, Ed had to quickly relearn everything. At least that’s what he wants people to know, once he figures out this ‘Twitter’ thing. In the meantime, he is constantly on the lookout for smart, silly, funny, outrageous, witty and wicked copy ideas.

Ed is the former Regional Copy Chief of Y&R Asia, former 4As Malaysia Creative Council Co-chairman, and two-time winner of the Golden Kancil, Malaysia’s highest creative advertising award.

As Creative Chairman of The sCooler Awards, Edward won’t be voting for any work. His job is to appoint the various judges, help manage the overall program, and generally take credit for work other people do.